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This guy -- Brad Lamb -- seems to jump current trends in the economy with a long vision into the future. Would that other developers could express the same kind of outlook!
I think they've been there a while, but no one has cross posted them. A friend's company did some of the consulting/marketing for this tower when it was first announced, including the launch party.
Toronto developer Brad Lamb sets sights on Edmonton with Jasper House condo tower
Jasper House will feature loft-style exposed ceilings and spa-quality bathroom furnishings, packaged in a modern architectural building. People can learn more about the development and score some big savings at a one-day-only sales event on Saturday, April 29 from noon to 5 p.m. at the Jasper House sales pavilion on 106 Street.

“Visitors can expect to see a substantial price bonus on Saturday — anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 depending on the size of the unit,” said Lamb, who noted that Jasper House has benefitted from recent approval of a new city park that will replace open surface parking lots on 106 Street and surround the development on two sides. “I think the park surrounding Jasper House is going to make it a really beautiful space for people to enjoy, and it’s going to revitalize the whole area.”

Was the permit ever granted? Still in development hell of Lamb trying to use the experience of how permits and approvals flow in Toronto for in Edmonton?
Some people on another forum were saying the date when buyers will get their deposits back will be in December... So if construction doesn't start before then, the project might be officially dead.

EDIT: So I just called the sales centre and asked about a 'drop-dead' date. They said they have not heard of a December date. They also said that they should hear something from their head office in Toronto about construction in the next week or two.... They said there is a date in the contract for possession (2020), which they say they are still on track with....

Take that all with a grain of salt.... But that's what I was just told.
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Lamb never provides a real timeline to the sales centre staff, in fact it is always a lie of short time expectation to entice people to buy. I had to deal with his BS at 6th and Tenth for two years from the day I purchased to the day shovels hit the ground. I was told "within three months start" every single time I asked, for two whole years.
As a Calgarian, you are better off having this project killed. The lamb tower down here literally took years before a shovel hit the dirt. Even once construction started it moved at a glacial pace. The final project is mediocre and barely resembles the rendering (lots of cost cutting and corners chopped). If Lamb never comes back to Calgary it would be a blessing.
@The Familia, I checked out the "Condo King's" projects in Toronto and you are right -- they are simple designs (little imaginative effort) and they seem like bargain basement fare. Anyone who brags about their wherewithal in any given field rings my "suspicions-meter". Maybe he is having a tough time getting through Edmonton's rather rigorous design review process -- thanks for the observation.
Looks like this project is officially cancelled. Member of another forum got a letter from developer that deposits will be returned and that they may build something in the future. Yeah right..