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This, Edmonton Motors, and (maybe) Emerald will create, as the urban planning experts call, a "Chunky Node" in West Jasper
I had to bump my vote up two notches to the top rung -- this (r)evolution is far superior to the first hint. I love the commercial use of the alley; I love the playfulness of the balcony arrangement; this is far superior to the Edmonton Motors effort.
Yah with the quality of those renders, I'm going to hold off on getting too excited about this project. 100% those jaggedy balconies will be revised. Also personally like the podium and street presence of the Edmonton Motors development more.
Having been through one of the most difficult era of our city where I saw no developments from 1988 until around 2002. I have witnessed the processed of recession vs boom session and how changes have come about. Until you see a tower crane take place of renders and placeholders, it is always best to not get excited...
If it does actually happen, I consider it a bonus.
^ Agreed. Boom years or not, somedays I just think about how many moving pieces and people are involved in any development and it reminds me that it''s an incredible feat of cooperation among all involved to get anything off the ground.
Boom can yields plenty. We just didn't staged, executed, or maximized our boom curve. The oilsands, provincial government and civic governments were not in synching with the game and it cost us many lost opportunities. Developers played reactionary to the boom instead of visionary imo.
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