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Sep 22, 2015
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Via IanO on C2E:

Reference: Proposed Rezoning for lands located at 10107,10129, 10133, & 10137 – 115 Street and 11452 & 11460 – Jasper Avenue, Oliver Neighbourhood

The purpose of this notification letter is to collect your feedback on a rezoning application as well as invite you to an upcoming community event to learn more about this project prior to submitting an application to the City.
Please come to a community meeting or review the information below and provide your comments prior to September 16, 2017 to the address below or email – kim.petrin@stantec.com .


Come learn more about this exciting new project – we will be on site to share information, answer your questions and gather your feedback about the project.
Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017
Time: Drop-in anytime between 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Unit 104, 10107 – 115 Street

*In a vacant commercial space fronting 115 Street, north of Jasper Avenue

On behalf of our client, Greenlong Construction Inc., we will be submitting an application to rezone the above noted properties. The proposed changes would allow for the development of two high-rise residential buildings (up to 48 and 37 storeys) with opportunities for commercial uses on Jasper Avenue. Amenity space could include patios, roof top terraces and/or recreation room. Resident parking will be provided underground.
The vision is to activate Jasper Avenue with a range of commercial uses, animate the lane with live/work opportunities or commercial uses and provide a range of unit sizes that will encourage and support a diverse community, including families.

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True, @Daveography the massing doesn't say much about design, but tall skinny towers are far more preferable, in general, to squat broad towers. And this would be good for Jasper Avenue in terms of pedestrian life if the design turns out to be noteworthy. I think I know who the developer is, and, if it is whom I suspect, it is an Edmonton consortium backed by Chinese investors. You'll know in a couple of days. If I am right, it will also be a local Asian-Canadian architect involved in the design -- along with Stantec.
'Twould be nice if the same crew could buy the one-time Shoppers Drug Mart on the opposite corner of Jasper and 114th street and make it a 3-tower complex. Then with Regency's development across the street there would be a dramatic change in this section of Jasper Ave. and a strong start to pedestrian laneway development. Google's street-view shows that it is/was for sale. This is how interesting neighborhoods begin.
And the Edmonton Motors property for two blocks on the south side of Jasper Avenue becomes extremely valuable and ripe for redevelopment.
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Here are the display boards from the open house. I wasn't there long, but it was pretty sparsely attended during the time I was there.















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I was right about the architect and the funding. I am glad to see Stantec involved -- it suggests that the proposal is serious. I listened to some of the gripers on Global's video report. I can understand some of the concerns about density; none of the other complaints made sense. I like that they have under represented auto parking and pumped up bicycle parking. I like the mix of offices, retail and live-work units on the podium -- retail at ground level, offices not at ground level. The height bothers me not in the least -- it is the new reality! And I really like the activation of the alley!
Residents concerned about tall towers proposed in Oliver
Oliver residents are expressing concern after a public information session on Saturday gave them a glimpse at plans for two high-rises being proposed in their neighbourhood.

The proposed development by Greenlong Construction would see a 48-storey tower built along Jasper Avenue and 115 Street with a 37-storey tower to the north.

There would be commercial space on the ground floor with residential above it; parking would be below grade.

“The big ideas, I guess, are to reactive Jasper Avenue with some ground floor commercial and active frontages,” said Kim Petrin, urban planner with Stantec, which is working with the developer on the rezoning application.

Dozens of people came to check out the information session.
Julia Wong/Global News
Petrin said the lane in between the two towers would also be utilized.

Agreed @Daveography -- this is going to be a pretty standard residential high-rise tower (x2) unless Stantec can convince the client to upgrade. Hard to say what the driving motives might be. As described the condo/rental units are pretty small. The planning of the podium (not the architecture) seems pretty well thought out. It sounds like there is a long wait before we will see any detailed renderings.
"The two buildings being proposed take away the view of our existing high-rise, completely take it away"

I wonder if anyone said similar when the highrise he lives in was built...

No kidding -- I saw this fool being interviewed on Global and he was complaining about the height of the proposed building initially and then blurted out the part that you quoted. Seems to me that a shorter tower would still block his view. That's what I meant by some of the comments not making any sense. Fortunately those kinds of comments are ignored by Planners and the City politicos. NIMBYs and nay-sayers -- they always show up at these events.
Someone needs to remind these people that they live DOWNTOWN - not in the suburbs. Move to the suburbs if you don't like tall buildings and development. If we listen to these people Edmonton will just stay mediocre.