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(Source: http://www.connect2edmonton.ca/show...oreys-Proposed&p=880804&viewfull=1#post880804)
I see that they are building something new on the site. Does this still mean the project will go ahead?
@Daveography I'm guessing that at the Pre-Consultations they don't show any renderings of the tower, right? Or do they show sketches?
@Platinum107 From the EDC website:

Though not mandatory, the Edmonton Design Committee (EDC) strongly encourages a “pre-consultation” screening of proposed developments. The intent of this step is to offer information and guidance regarding the formal presentation. A letter from the EDC is not provided after a pre-consultation meeting, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to take notes at this meeting.

Pre-Consultation Submission Requirements
The pre-consultation process allows the EDC to engage with the proponent at an early and conceptual stage of development.
Information required for a pre-consultation submission for a development permit application, rezoning application, or public project:
  • Indication of the type of submission (Rezoning, Development Permit, etc.)
  • Municipal address of the property
  • Written description of the project
  • Responses to Principles of Urban Design
  • Site plan
  • Landscape plan
  • Preliminary elevations, drawings and renderings of the proposal
Additional Information
If required by the EDC or development planner, the proponent shall provide the following information:
  • Additional perspectives
  • Detailed landscape plan complete with hard and soft landscaping details
  • Public art provision, including specifics
  • An exterior lighting plan illustrating how the building’s architectural and sculptural characteristics have been highlighted
  • Building sections
  • Existing and proposed site grading
  • Wind impact analysis
  • Detailed Comprehensive Sign Design Plan to comply with Section 59 of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800
  • General analysis of how the development has addressed Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Zoning Bylaw Compliance analysis
There may be a development that requires a special submission, such as a rezoning application, digital sign application, or exterior alterations such as a façade improvement. Please contact Administration or the file planner in order to discuss these requirements.


Pre-consultations are not public anyway.
@Daveography Thank you. I will try to come again on the 20th then to see this and Mackenzie tower