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Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

It looks like Delta/ Skywest CRJ 900 scheduled 1 passenger flight ✈️ today between Minneapolis MSP-Edmonton YEG - MSP Wednesday June 12 2024. 1st time Delta CRJ plane has landed/taken off since early 2020.

Maybe 🤔 they’re testing yeg out again for a possible Winter 2024 return for flights on this route?
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Managed to snap a quick pic of the new overpass and related roadworks on my arrival
Flew to Germany on Condor Friday. Good flight - 8.5 hours but went fast. I didn't notice too many empty seats. Sat beside an American who connected to Edmonton from Seattle. His destination was Bergen Norway so he had one more flight.

I always think it's us connecting to other cities to fly to Europe. Interesting to see this example of a US resident connecting via Edmonton. He said a direct flight from Seattle to London then to Bergen would have been ideal, but it was a lot more expensive and this was fairly last minute.
Bit of a rebound for the month of May after some slower months. May numbers more impressive (bigger/fuller planes) considering May 2023 had a 7.5% higher average number of daily aircraft movements of 320.7 compared to 296.6 in 2024. Sadly YEG has removed much of the historical data to compare to, I sent a note along to ask if this could be reinstated and encourage others to follow suit if they would also like to see it.

Monthly passenger stats May 2024​


  • Terminal Traffic: 612,832 passengers (Year-to-date 2,702,459 passengers) Terminal: 5.2% (Year-to-date 1.3%)
  • Domestic 512,740 passengers (Year-to-date 2,018,376 passengers) Domestic 1.4% (Year-to-date -3.1%)
  • Transborder 77,536 passengers (Year-to-date 375,854 passengers) Transborder 42.2% (Year-to-date 14.8%)
  • International 22,556 passengers (Year-to-date 308,229 passengers) International 2.0% (Year-to-date 19.4%)

Fixed Base Operators (FBO)​

  • 58,252 passengers (Year-to-date 266,470 passengers) 7.9% (Year-to-date 11.4%)

Total passengers (Terminal and FBO)​

  • 671,084 passengers (Year-to-date 2,968,929 passengers) Month overall 5.5% (Year-to-date 2.1%)

WestJet and its regional subsidiary, WestJet Encore, are planning a codeshare agreement with Germany-based Condor, a filing with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has revealed. Currently, WestJet has listed Condor as an interline partner.

According to the filing, WestJet and WestJet Encore, which have separate foreign air carrier permits, want to display Condor’s DE designator codes when the flights are operated by the pair of Canadian airlines.

WestJet explained that Condor’s flight codes would be displayed on flights from Calgary International Airport (YYC), Edmonton International Airport (YEG), and Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to the eight airports in the US.

Looks like Air Canada's last flight to SFO is October 13th

Edit: scheduled to resume in May, so it's going seasonal
Wasn't the AC YEG-SFO flight a revenue guarantee flight using government money to keep it going? That is what I was told anyway.
It's a bit surprising that they have kept this route going this long, considering the cutbacks to Western Canada by AC. I suspect that by this time year there is the real possibility YEG-SFO may be scrapped altogether.