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Ice on Whyte should stay where they are, but definitely move any of the winter/holiday festivities and attractions from Hawrelak Park to this new location at ICE District. I vaguely remember in times past when people were forced to drive through Hawrelak Park to view some of these things, but I don't think that will be the case at the new location.
Maybe snow is being made onsite at both Commonwealth Stadium and ICE District, or maybe that giant snowboard is too damn big to squeeze in a snow machine.
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December 2, 2022 (Edmonton, Alberta) – In partnership with ICE District and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF), OEG Sports & Entertainment is excited to announce a new Fan Park that will expand EOCF community programming in the heart of the inner city and create a vibrant multi-use space to host a wide variety of public events, activities and live entertainment.

The new Fan Park will be located on the parcel of land immediately east of Rogers Place between 102 Street NW and 101 Street NW, which was the former site of the Baccarat Casino. Upon completion, the Fan Park will feature a large, fenced, programmable space, art installations and greenery—all designed to accommodate festivals, sports and a variety of other events that celebrate the uniqueness of Oil Country, its citizens and Downtown Edmonton. From youth hockey programing on portable outdoor rinks in the winter and ball hockey in the spring and summer, to public events, exhibitions and live entertainment for all Edmonton families to enjoy, the Fan Park will be a 12-months-a-year, programmable space that provides additional opportunities for outdoor activities in the downtown core.

The new park will also increase capacity and sustainability for winter festivals while incorporating urban design elements for winter activities in alignment with Edmonton’s Winter City Strategy.

As a central pillar of its mandate, the EOCF is investing into community and youth sport programming in the Fan Park to provide a safe space for hockey and other outdoor activities aimed at Edmonton’s inner-city and under-represented youth.
^from the link
I'm really happy with the use of this space honestly, was almost certain it would just be a parking lot. Obviously we were all hoping to see a tower here sooner than later but the market just isn't right at the moment, this actually brings people to the core and creates a more lively environment. And from the photo above there is still a spot for a tower to the east.
Actually there's plenty of room for 1 or 2 towers north of the park and south of 105 Ave, although maybe that land will be part of ICE District Phase 2.
Where is the shed for the Zamboni and snow clearing tractor. Going to need some seating for parents at the rinks and of course a place for everyone to warm up.
Reference ID:Job No 438169429-008
Description:To construct exterior alterations to Oilers Entertainment Group Fan Park
Location:10104 - 104 AVENUE NW
Plan 1425251 Blk 9E Lot 7
Status:Intake Review
Create Date:11/30/2022 8:56:26 AM