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Pavement is a start for it is clean over a dirt parkade.
Kinda sorta... and don't get me wrong, as I am 100% for lit, landscaped, drained and paved, but this also means that this site needs an ROI for this investment and that means this won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
In the winter and at night, only time it would be a problem for hockey is in June and believe me a lot of people would happily get burnt to see the Oilers playing in June (Stanley Cup Final).
Yeah of course, not to say it won't be used, it just won't be pleasant.
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A space like this could be used for anything such as three on three winter ice hockey; there are floor hockey for warm durations, 3 on 3 basketball, daily gathering for tai-chi or yoga, small weekend trade shows, daily food trucks and mobile flea markets, fruit stands, and way more if truly ruminate on it. The Key aspect of this space for success is to prevent one demographic from spoiling it for everyone, and everyone taking part as stewardships of this space and making it as most affectively as possible.
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^it is a pretty terrible overall feeling there; all of that can be done in Churchill Square and provide a much better experience.