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Ice maze update

Tickets are now available here:

Pricing (does not include $2 processing fee per order):​

  • Adults 18+: $21.60
  • Kids ages 2-17: $15.40
  • Kids 2 and under: FREE
  • Families (2 adults + 2 kids): $51.60
  • Students/Seniors: $18.50

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That does seem quite expensive unless there are other associated activities/offerings.

What was the cost of the ICE Castle?
Who knows -- the damned thing isn't even finished yet -- it might be the deal of the century when all is said and done. You negative jump-siders are so impatient!
That does seem quite expensive unless there are other associated activities/offerings.
According to the event website, in addition to the snow maze there will also be snow slides, photo opportunities, food and beverages available for purchase, fire pits, and winter games.

What was the cost of the ICE Castle?
Yeah, a ticket to an Oilers game or concert may not be the best comparison, but might be the one being the organization has in mind. I don't know what a better comparison is - maybe ticket to a movie?

I would like to be positive about this, they are trying something new and the pricing is probably based on an expected level of attendance (which is unknown) to try cover cost.
However, I would also like this to be affordable to encourage people to get out and more active at this time of year, which is a good thing. If this was something run or subsidized by the city, then I suppose it could and should be focused on being more affordable.
I have cousins coming over from Seattle for Christmas. There’s 3 of them and 3 of us I was looking at oilers games to take them to since they don’t watch much hockey and found out we play Seattle the day before they head back home. It would be perfect. It was perfect. Then I looked at the ticket prices. $350 per ticket before tax or any other extra fees. I would be spending $2100 on a single night excluding any drinks or food. Ridiculous. $350 a ticket is like first round of the playoffs type of price. You know $350 isn’t bad once a month if you buy a ticket and a friend or two gets one too but I always thought oilers games were advertised as a family activity to do but ill tell you the average family ain’t paying that shit.
Have you looked at Kraken prices lately? Divine intervention needed for many games. I am going in March and for lower second level we are paying ~$249USD = $337.

But yes, to your point, it's become completely out of reach for many and insane money for a group of 4 + food/bev.

We share season tickets (lower 2nd at the hash) and it works out to ~$150/per which is not outrageous, but still a $200+ night per seat, if not more.
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