Horne and Pitfield Building Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Limak Investments

Limak Investments is planning a residential tower on the site of the Horne and Pitfield Building (not municipally protected) at 10301 104 Street and the adjacent parking lot to the north. I am not sure what the plan is with the Horne and Pitfield Building, but it would make a great tower podium.
directly across from the Clancey proposal? are there any sort of renders or anything?
I'd love to see the original building kept intact, like the metals building at 104th street and 102nd ave; we don't have a lot of these warehouses left, and given that this one can handle being a storage facility i assume it's structurally sound and decently fire-safe. IDK. it'd be interesting to see the scale of the proposal and how pie-in-the-sky the timelines are.
Seems odd to sell the Mackenzie site and just move up the street to develop this building. You'd think it would be cheaper to rework the Mackenzie site than start from scratch. Meh, at least it isn't my investments!
I’d have a real hard time believing they wouldn’t keep the west facade at the very least. To demolish one of the original warehouses on a street where new development emulates them would just be ludicrously stupid. I do think just keeping the west one would be a mistake, however. The building’s presence comes from the fact that it’s on a corner and to strip it of that would do an injustice to the design. Now that doesn’t mean the whole length has to be saved, but keeping a bit of that depth to suggest that historic sense of place is a must (akin to this, where you have a few window bays saved, followed by new glass). While the street interaction isn’t good, you could easily reconfigure the loading doors on the south into new entrances for storefronts or large display windows, like with the Great West Saddlery and McKenny Buildings just down the way.
Awesome, it always pissed me off that that cool historical warehouse was being used as a shabby storage room with those stupid blue-boarded up windows. I really hope too that they save at least the west and south facades to integrate with any new tower (similar what they did with the Enbridge Tower podium). 104th street needs to keep this momentum of development up and keep spreading it to the surrounding streets, like 103rd and 105th. What an awesome "Warehouse District" that would be, book ended by the CBD and future Warehouse Park! 🥰
@Clearshades Umm, I can totally understand that? I am aware that this area was not always the residential and entertainment district it is now, and that is was part of the whole “rail yard industrial area”before. Like yeah, I wasn’t there in person to see it back then, but what’s you point with saying that?
@archited 🤨? No, not particularly. I may have come across like that, but it’s hard convey complex emotions like “emboldened disagreement” with words on a screen. But yeah, it’s all good 👍
I think the whole dark-by-4pm thing is starting to have its yearly affect on everyone. Especially me apparently, because if what is proposed isn't gorgeous/innovative/interesting , I don't think I'll like it.

I dislike the blue boarded windows as much as the next guy, but it really is a pretty building otherwise, and at least there is a functioning, useful business operating inside rather than an empty building with a bunch of sun-faded Colliers logos slapped on the windows. Letting some "meh" tower to be built on this site just for the sake of development would be a tragedy. Go do that on one of the surface lots.

As an aside, anyone else ever looked at those blue boarded windows and thought, "Hey, imagine if they commissioned some mini murals on those". Always thought that having the 3rd floor windows be painted by local artists would have be spectacular at improving the building aesthetic. That, and if only there was one retail CRU on the SW corner that would open the windows to be at
@archited 🤨? No, not particularly. I may have come across like that, but it’s hard convey complex emotions like “emboldened disagreement” with words on a screen. But yeah, it’s all good 👍
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@westcoastjos Haha 😆 Coffee usually makes my stomach hurt, so I drink Earl Grey tea in the morning before school 🍵 (comparable caffeine to coffee, about 3/4 of it)