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Not necessarily. With Boyle St moving NE from its current location by the time construction is done it might be fairly quiet. Will however take some time to get some life into the space between although the hotel could help speed it up a bit.

Commercial Final
To construct EXCAVATION AND SHORING ONLY for a future underground Parkade
10610 - 101 STREET NW
This permit was issued today so it remains to be seen if construction starts in the new year. I would love to see it happen, but am still a bit skeptical that we will see much action over the next few months. Excavation in the winter is expensive (not impossible) so if anything we will see site prep in March/April maybe.
Are they just constructing the parkade? Is the hotel to be constructed now or sometime later?

Not this particular hotel. But see attached that Winnipeg is getting a new "Hyatt Centric" hotel. Never heard of that particular brand, but I want it.