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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This 1.07 acre site is situated within walking distance to Rogers Place Arena, Grand Villa Casino, City Centre Shopping Centre, Grant McEwan University and many other Downtown Attractions.

The land is currently under the ownership of Quinco Financial Inc. (a privately owned Alberta Company). Quinco has subsequently entered into a 50/50 Joint Venture Agreement with 3G Equity Inc. to develop on the site a dual “Intercontinental Hotels Group” branded facilities; namely a “Holiday Inn & Suites” and a “Candlewood Suites”, totaling 218 rooms

Address appears to be 10604 101 St.:


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Maybe it'll force the place across the street to shape things up.

The condo across the alley isn't bad though. I almost looked at a place in there a while back.
I like it a lot, good for the area, not everything needs to be super tall, density is key. Has a bit of a European look to it IMO.
Reference ID: Job No 306719641-001
Description: To construct a Hotel with accessory mixed-use commercial Use on main floor (Restaurant, Retail Shops, Fitness Centre, Meeting Hall).
Location: 10636 - 101 STREET NW
Plan B3 Blk 1 Lots 256-257
10604 - 101 STREET NW
Plan 1721813 Blk 1 Lot 273
Status: Intake - Payment Required
Create Date: 3/7/2019 2:22:47 PM
Not sure if this project changed hands or what, but it never did go to EDC last year. If it has gone through a redesign, then I'm not feeling too hot about JM (Joe Minten) Architecture based on what I can find of their projects. Glad it will still have to go through EDC.
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I have seen plans since the first iteration and they are a definite downgrade, but not outright trash. Much more white with some accent colours. The proposed design is for a 6 storey, 'L' shaped building and will future two hotels (both from IHG). This design is from last August, so who knows if we will see an update.
C.1 IHG Dual Brand Hotel (Development Permit)
Emily Pawluk - JM Architecture

MOTION: D. Deshpande

Motion of Support with Conditions.
The Committee recommends the Applicant to continuing working with
Administration on the following:
● Incorporating greater articulation, identity and transparency into the design
of the main entrance on 101 Street.
● Developing a comprehensive signage package, including wayfinding signage
to direct visitors to the rear building entrance adjacent to the parking area.
● Developing a lighting plan, supported by luminaire details and renderings as
● As the proposal defines certain streetscape elements and treatments within
the public Right-of-Way as highlighting key building elements (ie. main
entrance on 101 Street), further refining and detailing this streetscape
development, including but not limited to site furnishings, boulevard tree
planting, lighting and sidewalk surfacing.
● While the Committee appreciates the diversity of materials used on the
building facades, given its urban setting, the use of higher quality, more
durable materials should be explored.
● Ensuring the kitchen ventilation strategy does not adversely affect the
streetscape and pedestrian experience (ie. sensory conditions).
● Ensuring all rooftop mechanical is adequately screened.


FOR THE MOTION: A.Benoit, D. Brown, S. Kaznacheeva, W. Sims, T. Antoniuk, A.
Zepp, C. Holmes, D. Deshpande, J. Mills

Permit Type Major Development Permit
Permit Class Class B
Permit Date Dec 04, 2019
Status Approved
Description of Development To construct a Hotel (115 suites), Apartment Hotel (83 suites), General Retail Stores, Restaurant, and Indoor Participant Recreation Service building, with underground Parking Garage.
Address 10624 - 101 STREET NW