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Highway 15 Bridge Twinning | ?m | ?s

I drove the newly-twinned Hwy 15 from Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan recently. Good job! I only wish this was done 30 years ago.
It's an exciting time for sure, I look forward to when it will be as normal as the twinned Highway 21 by Sherwood Park now is. The pedestrian bridge is expected to open in 2023 when the connecting work is done, and that'll be a nice addition for the Trans Canada Trail.
I think that’s primarily because they need to grade separate the CN rail crossing just north of highway 15. An interchange solves that problem. A problem that doesn't exist at the Yellowhead. But saying that, I would agree that there is a greater need for an interchange at Highway 16. That intersection is very unsafe.
A few weeks ago the barriers were removed from the pedestrian bridge. It's not officially open since they're still working on final paving on the Sturgeon side, wayfinding signs, etc. But, it is usable. Here are some pictures I took last Tuesday.

These historic pictures are oriented so that when you look at them, you're facing where the bridges are/were
Taking the bus back to Edmonton, I was able to see that there are white posts after the construction pylons end, so it seems like they're keeping the shoulder permanently reserved for people going between the bridge and the Athabasca trail.

Chatter on a FB page for residents indicates that this has been very very popular so far, even back before they paved the trail on the Sturgeon side!
Official opening of the pedestrian bridge set for July 31