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Highway 15 Bridge Twinning | ?m | ?s

Pictures from yesterday.
At today's budget deliberation, Fort Sask's public works dept requested 17,500 to maintain the pedestrian bridge (snow removal and other maintenance). When asked about the timing, a staff member stated that administration has been led to believe that the bridge will open in October 2022. I'm guessing this will coincide with the top deck's opening. They further stated that the $17,500 request is a for a full year, because they did not have any estimated date of opening on-hand when originally drafting their budget request.
Where are the trails across from the Fort in Sturgeon? I hear that there's some near the river, but I haven't seen them when I've driven nearby. Are they MUPs, or gravel trails?
I reached out to the River Valley Alliance, and they confirmed:

"There is only the lamoureux trail in sturgeon county as far as RVA trails at the moment. Currently there is no more builds in that area on the plans"

That's not to say nothing is planned for that area. Fort Saskatchewan is a member of the Athabasca Landing Trail organization, and although its outdated website suggests that the project is stagnant, this document from Fort Saskatchewan city council's first meeting of this term says that an "environmentally sensitive conceptual trail master plan" is in the works. But if that trail ever comes to fruition it'll go north, not west. So unless Edmonton and Sturgeon County decide to do something on their own initiative, there won't be a trail running parallel to the river between Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan's pedestrian bridge.

It's not the end of the world since there's already a trail going through Strathcona County, but once the bridge between that trail and Edmonton is built, it would have been nice for there to be a loop that one could take so that they don't need to double back on the same trail.
From my drive yesterday.

I gotta say, I love how this post is dripping with passive aggressiveness haha


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