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Edmonton Events / conferences

Curious how the post-run impact was on the core.

Many businesses were not aware of this event or ready for the influx for those locations there were open for runners and guests post-event.
The event was quite well attended. Not as many spectators but still quite a few. But riding your bike in the event you get a great look at the course. The men's half marathon runner was up around 21-22 kph. but he averaged 3:03 per kms.
Once again, the Cult put on a slick show last night. Billy Duffy is no doubt still one of the best Axeman out there.
Wills Week - October 2-6, 2023
Edmonton Community Foundation

Wills Week is a series of free presentations that help Edmonton and area residents learn the value of creating and maintaining an up-to-date will.
EVERY OCTOBER, WE PARTNER WITH a dedicated team of volunteer estate lawyers to answer your questions about will and estate planning. Wills Week sessions are free of charge to the public and offer information about:
  • Creating and/or updating a will,
  • What a will can and cannot do,
  • How a will can help save taxes for both you and your estate, and
  • Why it is so important to have a will prepared with the help and expertise of a lawyer, accountant, and financial and estate planner.