Encore Tower | 138m | 43s | Westrich Pacific | Dub Architects

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@westcoastjos Yeah I'm just as happy to not have more pedways, honestly. I know they're great and lots of people like and use them (myself included), but I would also be just fine if we never built another.
I hear you there. Ice District will be bringing three more for the three towers, though.
I am finding that the pedways are beginning to bring a unique style and expression to the City's core -- personally, I like them. They work to bring disparate building designs together more harmoniously. If I had one wish, it would be that they would connect more interesting interior spaces within buildings and expose some podium roof spaces for outdoor uses. I guess that that adds up to two wishes.

Chris Buyze‏ @chrisbuyze 50 seconds ago
Another surface parking lot bites the dust!
@westrichpacific #Encore #yegdt #yegplan pic.twitter.com/T5ML7Qe8TB

From Jskye over on C2E. Jack hammering away.
Haha. Marcel was complaining that they started up at 6 am this morning (he lives next door across the alley) breaking city by-laws. I suspect there will be some politics during construction of this one.