Encore Tower | 138m | 43s | Westrich Pacific | Dub Architects

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@Baronmine, based on information that I could glean, construction is expected to start in late spring, 2017 with completion scheduled for summer 2020. Welcome to our world!

DavidEwasukCTV ‏@DavidEwasukCTV 19 minutes ago
Developer of Ultima Tower says excavation set to begin on taller Encore project on same street. #yegdt pic.twitter.com/vWiQo5qKkV
One of the best locations for sure. It would be cool if they connected it to the pedway system underground, but I don't see that happening. Ha.
@westcoastjos I don't think there's anything to connect to at that location...
It would have to connect to the Y, which does have a basement. It would make more sense to be above ground though. You'd have easy access to the rest in that sense. Nothing really to connect to west of Encore though, so why would you connect a residential building to the system? Haha.