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What do you think of this project?

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TD Bank had their soft opening yesterday, with a grand opening in late August




Canadian Icehouse is back to normal! Will need to return once summer is back because I want to see if their ground level patio is open.

Honestly, I hope that if they build the CWB Skyscraper, I think at least 180 Meters is a good height, since it can match up with JW Marriot and Stantec Tower!
Very unfortunately but it will still contribute substantial densification which will be just as relevant at this stage of our core.
Sounds about right. Office floor-to-floor dimensions are typically larger than residential (hotel and apartment, both)... since there aren't projected to be many office floors the difference one way or the other could only be a couple of metres (at most) -- beside which there is a load restriction that is not directly translatable into floors. Office live loads are generally set higher than residential (50psf vs 40psf).. so higher loads would suggest fewer stories by a factor of 20% whereas increased height by the same factor would essentially negate the difference -- so 43 storeys would apply no matter.
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