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What do you think of this project?

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If Starbucks didn't pause opening their location on the Plaza they could be offering that. Hopefully they make moves in 2023 to open it and have hot drinks available for next years' winter.
I think the second floor space next to the pedway to the hotel in the Stantec building is still available. It is the right size for a small coffee place.
Question for all of you. Now with phase one of the Ice District complete, well minus the WCB tower but that's at least a couple years out and other than its appearance its not some thing most Edmontonians will deal with. What are your thoughts on the first phase of the Ice District as it is now? Yes, tower B was scaled back and the project was delayed in occupancy/use due to the pandemic but over all it seams like things still turned out okay.

I hope moving forward that in time it becomes more of an entertainment district then a couple bars/restaurants surrounded by banks and liquor/weed stores.
Overall, I think it's really well done, obv compared to what was there before. The towers look great. Arena looks great. The media towers and the plaza are also very well done. A couple complaints are that it lacks a bit of vibrancy. They could really use some more businesses within the podium. A coffee shop or some kind, food court, of fast food chain would be good so you kind of linger around the area. Some of the siding outside the City Market and Stantec building are a bit bland. And just me personal pref, but the plaza could use some more plants to give less of a concrete appearance.
Honestly, considering the circumstances and effects of the pandemic, I still consider phase 1 a relative success. Stantec tower, JW and the podium of the future WCB tower all look great. Stantec, with the recent announcement of another major tenant moving in, will soon be mostly leased out. JW is a busy and happening place with two restaurants and a cocktail lounge that seem to be doing at least decent. Rogers is a world class arena. The skating rink seems to have really taken off and the City of Edmonton tower looks great and is doing well. Also nice to see more residential units lit up at night in both the JW and Stantec.

Lots of work to be done though. I still hope that the CRU's around Stantec get leased up by some restaurants to get more pedestrian activity going. Would love to see a coffee shop set up (like a Starbucks reserve). I do believe over time that the weed and liquor stores will get moved out as the area matures and becomes more established. The question of when is anybody's guess but I'm sure Katz group is just happy to have some stable income coming in for the mean time.

Can't wait for phase 2 to get going but we're a long way out from that.
Considering the overall Edmonton market and covid hitting in the midst of this, I’m pretty happy with the turnout. Especially how intentionally they’re activating the plaza now. And thankfully the oilers should be a big draw, especially playoffs, the next 4ish years.

One thing I would critique is the sky residences. They really missed the mark in sizing and pricing. Idk the financials of it all to make a tower of this size viable. But it was pretty much what I see in Toronto in terms of product and pricing. Which just doesn’t work here. Meanwhile, Macleran, encore, CX, the View all have had a lot more success. I think if they had better read the market, it would have sold and rented a lot faster and gotten more momentum going vs the slow improvements we’ve seen the last 2 years.

We badly need 2-3k more people living within a few minute walk of Ice District for it to not be dead outside of event times. Stationlands is the only thing sort of adding to that right now. Parks/falcon are close-ish. But 4 more projects within a block or two seems key.
I would say ICE District Phase 1 is 97% done (see what I did there)? Both floors of the Stantec podium still need to be leased out. I would like to see a coffee bistro that can cater to outdoor arena patrons (Blenz or Starbucks), an A&W in homage to the former Greyhound terminal, an upper-casual chain restaurant like The Keg, and maybe a women's yoga shop such as lululemon.
I'm on TEAM Ice District like nobody's business. But I heard from a friend deep within the "Brewhouse Mafia," that sales are terrible on non-game days so far...not a surprise. That they're waiting for the multiple patios to open. Didn't know they had 3 different kitchens with 3 different old restaurant days self just threw up imagining the logistics of such a venue......