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A couple of updates from my downtown lunch hour walk-about yesterday.
RC liquor store opens Nov 9.

The big pit is closer to getting completed.
What a beautiful addition the Connect Centre Skating Rink is to downtown Edmonton -- a huge plus for all seasons and a generator of foot traffic for the City's centre. I suspect that the retail/hospitality space surrounding will now fill up very quickly and the Food Hall will find its bearings.
I'm assuming that the big pit will finally be completed in time for the Nov 9 openings of the City Market and Real Canadian Liquor stores.
HAHAHAHA you must be new to the city of edmonton. Finished on a deadline, seriously you're killing me. Open night mic night for you.
Yeah, the city doesn't really do deadlines (well) anymore. Construction just pops up randomly, seemingly takes forever, you never know.

According to our previous mayor deadlines were too difficult, but I think it was just too politically embarrassing when they kept on missing them.

He's gone now but the lack of rigorous approach to planning seems to have persisted at least so far. I think some on council get how this lack of care approach irks citizens, but unfortunately not enough of them yet.
City Market will be a closer walk for me than Save-On! Moreover I can always use the pedways for the trek home if the weather is crap. I hope this grocery store will run more competently than Sobeys on 104 St.

p.s. I remember Woodward's Food Floor in the lower level of ECC. It closed down about a year after I became a resident of downtown Edmonton.
Really hope there are enough folks working in the core to compliment residents to make the City Market viable longer-term.

This City Market is certainly a lot more convenient for most downtown dwellers than the 109 st Save On. I live 5 blocks away from the latter and I'll still probably go to the City Market in the winter because I can walk a block to the LRT and not expose myself to the elements, or drive, for example.