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What do you think of this project?

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Sure, but many head to Walmart or Superstore due to price and so here's hoping convenience rules the day.
They're open from 9-8 today, still waiting to hear back about their full hours (their store isn't on the website yet, and the number on their Facebook page is for the Brewery District location)
^which will be heavily dependant on area workers. Those are high margin sales and incredibly important to the bottom line.

I recall Sobeys 104th seeing something like 25% of overall revenue from that kind of sale and my guess is that it was the majority of the overall profit.
Hit it at Lunch hour. Not bad, smaller version than Brewery as mentioned. The Deli and Bakery seem to be a bit better. Was able to use the Ped way from the Citadel all the way over. It will be good for the Downtown Residence and office crowd. Since I go to a variety of stores too I probably will not go out of my way. but for something a bit different at lunch sure
Great store. Has everything you need but smaller amount of stock. Lots of people checking it out over noon hour. Mostly self-checkout only at escalators and pedway. Prices are the same as Loblaws Brewery.

More importantly is Superstore Liquor has a beer cooler!
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I'm down there right now and I like what I see. Decent selection in the store and yes quite a few people buying their lunch. Also stopped at Banquet and am enjoying a very good portioned fish and chips.
Really hope there are enough folks working in the core to compliment residents to make the City Market viable longer-term.
I think being connected to the pedway system will help, particularly on the colder days such as this both for the work crowd and lest we forget people who live nearby.

It was too bad about Sobeys, but I think their concept was somewhat flawed from the beginning and I then think this got ignored in all the turmoil with the takeover of Safeway.

Loblaws also seems like a more competent and stable company, or at least more used to managing more complex and different things.