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He is just about finished the main building (ye olde Camsell hospital)... he is just waiting until the world-noted medium that he has hired to free up time to conduct a seance in the facility to air any complaints from the current occupants before he enlists new renters (he doesn't want any midnight screamers ruining the newbie experience because they saw a headless groping for his uppermost appendage).
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Absolutely disgusting. This building should be turned into a healing centre or a cultural centre for indigenous people. The grounds should be revitalized by the people who it tortured. The spirits that reside on these grounds did not ask to be there. You have to be mentally ill to think this would be a great place for apartments or condos!

There is blood stains still on the floor and walls on the 2nd floor!

May all those who rent or buy these future apartments come to know the torture and anguish these souls endured and continue to endure.

- A White Woman
The blood stains were fake and from a movie shot there in 2004. There would never be real blood stains like that from the building’s medical tenure because hospitals clean up all blood as it’s spilled for biohazard reasons.

The rest of your post is fair but in a housing affordability crisis a lot of folks are willing to overlook spooky shit if it means they have an affordable roof over their head.
They have the exterior done but look to be spending time in the Hospital building's interior.