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Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

"Forbes disagrees with Toronto Life: Edmonton does have good food and a fun vibe." Forbes also looks past Edmonton's own naysayers... and O(h) by the way, no need to mention names. I have (virtually) met with Lana Whiskeyjack (Omeasoo) and her partner James Lamouche on a number of different occasions. For those who have not been to Whiskeyjack Art House I encourage you to do so and in going there, if you run into Lana or James, say "Hi" for me.
Very nice article. If you are from New York, maybe some place trying to be like it but isn't, might not impress you much. You might be looking for something different and authentic.

.. and unlike Toronto Life it didn't mention anything like Cactus Club, which seems a bit vapid and suburban, doesn't it? This seems like an article by someone who has more developed good taste.

It's Tourism Week in Canada and according to Travel Alberta, Edmonton's visitor economy is set to boom in the next few years. However, despite this positive outlook, local residents may not be keen on recommending the city. Paul Hawes from Explore Edmonton sheds light on what Edmonton has to offer

Anyone of us could easily put out our own subjective opinionated piece like this guy and have Moose Jaw be the best city in Canada….thanks for posting this Ian! Trying to get us all riled up?
Good luck getting some locals to gain a sense of boosterism -- they seem to rather prefer comparing Edmonton to this City or that City, putting Edmonton in a negative light on this spec or that spec.
For whatever reasons yes, we are often a very self critical bunch. It can be constructive at times, to learn from other places as we are a growing city and are facing issues some larger places have dealt with or are dealing with (sometimes successfully, sometimes not). However, it also sometimes devolves into pointless whining, moaning or negativism, which is frustrating and annoying.
Recently some feedback got to me from someone new to Canada along the lines of Edmonton is fairly nice in summer.

I think it was partly a polite way of saying our winters can be a bit hard, but I think there was also a compliment in there. When it is nice and green and the river valley looks great, it really is nice.

The sad thing is those of us here often take our nice summers for granted and travel elsewhere, so at times the city can be a bit of a ghost town in the summer. However, it is good to see more outdoor events happening again that bring people to the city and downtown during the days it is nice out.
How many Edmontonians realize that Harbin, China, is a sister city of Edmonton?
I'm told that many people who live in Harbin - a metro population of 10 million - know all about Edmonton, but I doubt the vice versa applies.

Here's a to-do list:
  • Explore Edmonton, Edmonton Global or whoever is in charge of the city's marketing will need to increase brand awareness as Harbin's sister city
  • Install the new Harbin Gate on 97 St as soon as possible
  • Rename a commuter route to Harbin Trail. I propose 82 St from Jasper Ave to Valour Ave north of the Henday, although 97 St from Jasper Ave to Yellowhead Trail also makes sense
  • Non-stop flight between YEG and Harbin
A similar to-do list should be considered for Nashville, another sister city of Edmonton.