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Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

Not sure about all big cities, but if you are New York or Rome, you can probably treat tourists indifferently and get away with it. Lots of people will come anyways.

I feel a welcome sign is a sign of being welcome. It is a sign that the community has thought about and welcomes visitors.

We have some attractions people may come to see anyways, they actually also do advertise any promote themselves, but we are not Rome or New York so we do need to make a bit more effort to promote and welcome visitors.
Harbin is actually such an apt sister city for Edmonton, and I would genuinely love to see more of a partnership and just a stronger relationship in general.

- Winter City (I'd love to see us straight up copy or have an equivalent of their Ice and Snow Festival. I know we had Ice Castles for a bunch of time but something of this scale here would genuinely be such a great thing to have)
- Northernmost major metropolis in our respective countries.
- Strong history of being blue collar industrial centres
- Strong history and attachment with Eastern European cultures (Edmonton has heavy Ukrainian influence, while Harbin was originally developed as a station for the Trans-Siberian railway, giving it a large Russian population at the time (Harbin at one point in its history was 40% Russian))

If I was a heavy dreamer and had unlimited funds, I'd straight up suggest renaming a portion of the Quarters to "Harbin District", rename the Quarters Valley Line to "Harbin Station" and rebuild a portion of that area to look like Zhongyang Street.
This fall I had the chance to work on a Travel Alberta Add shoot. If the views of Edmonton that I saw in the preliminary shots are anything to go on, the city will look fantastic in the adds. This shoot was rescheduled a number of times and it was great to get it done. It was at the peak of Fall colours in the valley and the river was a beautiful mountain green. We have been told the final copy will be out in the spring.
Another great one My wife was involved with was some location work support for the IFit fitness programs. They were using the Banff Jasper Nordegg area for both cycling and rowing video training. Quite a number of Mountain lakes in and around Jasper Banff and Nordeg. Also Moose lake just across the boarder on the Yellowhead. The Crew was up from Colorado and Utah and were very impressed with what was available and how accommodating everyone was, Probably won't see these episodes for about a year.
At the winter cycling conference tonight, Coun. Salvador shared Edmonton is one of 16 cities in the running for Strong Towns 2024 'Strongest Town' contest.

Make sure you vote - voting opens early March.

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Edmonton this only Canadian destination on this list. I do wonder however if these searches are related to people wanted to visit to see if they want to move here.