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It would be the NX building. The Crimson by the looks of it were not ready for me. And Since I have moved on I didn't get to review it.
Where does this myth come from. Cedars grow in Ft. McMurray for goodness sake.
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The "myth" probably comes from all the dead cedars people including myself have seen around here. However, I don't think it was actually said here that they do can nor or do not grow here.

As I understand it, the problem is the dry climate, not the cold.
Edmonton's climate is pretty much on the borderline for the plant zone that most popular cedars fall in to. If you plant the cedar early in the season and take good care of it and let it get established there's a good chance for it to survive the winter, but if you have a bunch of cedars that are planted and forgotten, you will have lots of dead bushes by spring.
i have some healthy old cedars. one thig i have done is keep them out of the windy areas. 2 right against the house but sheltered by other trees. One is now about 16ft high.
Once they are established they can withstand some harsh conditions. I posted a picture of cedars on 106 street downtown that are exposed and totally neglected for years and are still doing well. It is always best to plant young tree, seedlings are best , to allow them to grow in proportion to their roots. This is true of any tree unfortunately most people don’t want to wait a couple of years they want instant landscaping.
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Thanks great those lots are sold. I did check out some of the units back in 2022. They were pricey for what you get. I ended up buying a sfh in an older area for approx 1/2 the cost. Granted, my place has none of the energy upgrades.
This might be worthy of a thread at some point, but for now I'll plop it here: NAIT has a request for pre-qualifications ending on 4 March, for someone to design, build, operate, and maintain a student residence. The RFP document does not list an address, but does state that the development must comply with all Blatchford zoning requirements. I think a document I saw a year or two ago stated they wanted the residence to be by the Nait LRT station, so perhaps that's where it'll be?
Two rezoning applications at Blatchford are going to public hearing March 11 essentially to allow more row housing to go in. Development is moving closer to the old terminal building.

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One nice thing about this is that they're also zoning land for a play area and park that would link the existing school (amiskwaciy academy) to the main Blatchford park where the pond is. It's good they're making improvements for the school and integrating it into the neighbourhood, rather than boxing it in with developments so that amenities like the park are only easily accessible for residents.