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Sep 22, 2015
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Been holding off creating this one until more details became available.

City releases plans for first residential phase in Blatchford
August 16, 2016

The City of Edmonton has released the detailed plan and new renderings for the first residential stage and section of park in Blatchford. The completion of the stage one plan is another significant milestone in the land development process, and takes the City of Edmonton one step closer to building one of the world’s largest sustainable communities.

“In addition to our high environmental goals, City Council’s vision for Blatchford has always been to create a walkable neighbourhood with enhanced urban design, family-oriented housing, urban agriculture, community amenities and significant green space,” says Mayor Don Iveson. “The stage one map showcases how purposeful and deliberate design of these elements are being incorporated to provide residents with a great quality of life.”

The first residential stage, located on the west side of the site, will see approximately 250 townhomes and low to mid-rise condos and apartments built. The homebuilder selection process for this stage will take place after Council’s decision on an energy strategy for the community.

“Building for people has always been at the centre of the Blatchford vision,” says Councillor Bev Esslinger. “We are building a neighbourhood where urban design will allow people to conveniently live a more sustainable, active, community based lifestyle. Residents will be able to easily reduce their energy consumption because the community has been designed using sustainable urban design principles.”

Some of the elements being built into the first stage include:

  • Incorporation of heritage elements like street names, recycled runway benches and heritage features to honour the historical aviation significance of the site.
  • Separated bike lanes and a pedestrian and cycle route to the LRT station.
  • Urban gardens and fruit orchards with rainwater collection systems for watering.
  • Community gathering places including a summer event/winter skating area, a community fire pit and warming hut, and a children’s playground.
  • Enhanced and innovative landscaping features like tree planting cells, landscaped laneways, and treed boulevards.
An updated website with additional community information has also been created ( Construction work continues at the site including underground utility work and building removal and remediation. A report detailing the development of the renewable energy utility that will help Blatchford achieve its visionary goal of carbon neutrality and use of 100% renewable energy is due back to City Council later this year.

More information:
Twitter: @Blatchfordyeg
Download the plan and the high resolution renderings

Media contact:
Cheryl Mitchell
Communications Advisor
Communications and Public Engagement, City of Edmonton

Plans and renders to follow shortly.
Former City Centre Airport:


Removal of runways after closure:

Site overview.jpg

Current state after remediation:


September 2015.jpg


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  • September 2015.jpg
    September 2015.jpg
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  • Site overview.jpg
    Site overview.jpg
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Stage One Renders:

Stage one rendering - event area.jpg
Stage one rendering- Mixed-use buildings.jpg
Stage one rendering- Viewing deck park.jpg
Stage one rendering- Yorke Mews Walkway.jpg
street view perspective4.3.jpg
street view winter perspective2.2.jpg


  • Stage one rendering - event area.jpg
    Stage one rendering - event area.jpg
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  • Stage one rendering- Mixed-use buildings.jpg
    Stage one rendering- Mixed-use buildings.jpg
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  • Stage one rendering- Viewing deck park.jpg
    Stage one rendering- Viewing deck park.jpg
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  • Stage one rendering- Yorke Mews Walkway.jpg
    Stage one rendering- Yorke Mews Walkway.jpg
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  • street view perspective4.3.jpg
    street view perspective4.3.jpg
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  • street view winter perspective2.2.jpg
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'It will be a fantastic place to live in,' Edmonton's mayor says of Blatchford development
Edmonton released details Tuesday for the first phase of the new Blatchford community, highlighting the central park around the old municipal airport control tower.

The first phase will have roughly 250 units, with a mix of four- to six-storey apartments and townhouses. The central park will have a skating rink, community firepit, open lawn, community vegetable gardens and a playground.

There will also be a series of shops with condos above them at the north end of the site.

“It’s also going to be a fantastic place to live in,” said Mayor Don Iveson, suggesting the urban design will help neighbours build relationships.

This first phase will be accessible from Airport Road, just off Kingsway Avenue. Even though the plans are complete, the land won’t be offered for sale to builders until council finalizes details on the district energy system next spring.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)

City releases plan for first stage of Blatchford's residential development
The city released a new plan and renderings for the first residential stage of its Blatchford development Tuesday.

If all goes as planned, the first stage will feature separated bike lanes, urban gardens and fruit orchards with rainwater collection, and community gathering places including a skating rink and a warming hut with a fire pit.

“I would argue it’s going to be unlike much of what you can find elsewhere in Canada. And this truly will be one of the most sustainable communities on Earth,” said Mayor Don Iveson.

“I sometimes describe this as our Brooklyn. And I think it’s very exciting to be able to move ahead with the first stage for that.”

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)
Ya know, I was definitely disappointed when they downgraded the lake, but I will say, this "pond" is still way better than a standard SWMP. If it gets built like that with a wetland/natural feel to it, I might be okay with this development overall. I just don't want them to cheap anymore and cut corners. If they build what's being advertised today, I'll be happy.

I know the city/Alberta environment has actually pushed for more developments to utilize naturalize wetlands over the standard SWMF's - at least in the developments I have been working on that seems to be the trend.

Defintely agree the previous concept was way cooler, but if we get a nice wetland and its actually nice that would be
Many Edmontonians are eagerly waiting for the first buildings to be constructed at Blatchford. But before the energy-efficient condos and townhomes can go up, a network of underground utilities has to be installed.

Last month, the contractor hired by the City of Edmonton began installing select portions of the storm and sanitary service connections at Blatchford to prepare the site for the first stage of residential and park development.

The work being done on site includes the construction of:

  • inlets and outlets for the first of the two stormwater ponds.
  • a storm sewer line to drain the stormwater pond.
  • a sanitary sewer line to eventually link stage one to existing sewer lines outside of the Blatchford site.
Below is a quick look at the work that took place in July and August.


Image 1 – Because the sewer pipe has to be installed so deeply (up to a depth of 9 metres), the contractor must first dig a pre-trench to create a stable site so they can continue to dig even deeper.


Image 2- On the southern side of the Blatchford site, close to Princess Elizabeth and Kingsway, a manhole with a 2.7 metre diameter is installed at a junction in the pipe. A vertical access shaft will be installed and will extend to the surface.


Image 3- A cage keeps the workers safe while they connect a pipe that is 1.35 metres in diameter to the manhole.


Image 4- Once the pipes are installed, the trench is backfilled and the soil is compacted. In the background, two manholes are seen coming out of the ground.


Image 5 – The vault roof section is lowered onto another manhole at the site. Manholes allow access to the sewer line for future maintenance.


Image 6 – Workers continue to install pipes and manholes that will link the first stormwater pond in Blatchford to the existing storm sewer at the edge of the site.