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Edmonton and the Hydrogen Economy

While this is all great news for the region and Edmonton Global, I find Malcolm's take very "pie-in-the-sky" or "Hey because this plant, we will get x investment, develop y technology" etc.

Edmonton for many years has had plants, technologies, and been on the for front of the industrial economy.....while many regional, head office, decision making or research jobs were established elsewhere. We need to look no further than the IOL, Shell, Dow etc. plants here while the offices are located in Calgary.

So if Malcolm's theoretical ideal world is to come true, which I truly hope it does, him and Edmonton Global need to be actively recruiting the trickle down or network effect type companies that he is thinking to come to Edmonton, not elsewhere. For example, are they pursuing hydrogen companies like a Bloom Energy to establish a Canadian hydrogen research base here? Are they working with any international energy AI firms to establish a presence in Edmonton rather than all the recent examples we have seen in Calgary?

We have a big competitive piece with this new plant and the natural resource inputs and human capital here, let's make sure to use them to Edmonton's advantage this time.
Really impressed with Iveson, Billy Morin - chief of Enoch Cree Nation, and federal natural resources minister Seamus O'Regan on Ryan Jespersen show this past week.

Iveson noted that along with this hydrogen project, which will help support Edmonton's industrial tax base and includes expansion possibilities, he is aware of four other multi billion dollar projects in the pipeline for the region overall as the world is going to need a lot of hydrogen for the energy transition plan. This definitely breathes new life into natural gas (making it a net zero energy source) and the local and Alberta/Canadian economy. He also commented that a specific hydrogen pipeline could be something the entire country could get behind and that countries like Japan, with its huge hydrogen needs, should be getting it from Edmonton.
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An announcement yesterday of an MOU between Mitsubishi Corp. and Shell relating to the production of low-carbon hydrogen through the use of carbon capture and storage near Edmonton. From their release:

"MC aims to build and start-up the low-carbon hydrogen facility near the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Scotford towards the latter half of this decade, and Shell would provide CO2 storage via the proposed Polaris CCS project. The low-carbon hydrogen, commonly called blue hydrogen, would be produced via a natural gas feedstock and exported mainly to the Japanese market to produce clean energy."

Could be great news for later this decade for Metro Edmonton if Mitsubishi and Shell decide to proceed.
Here is a link to the release.
Edmonton is very clearly Canada's hydrogen hub - infrastructure and ecosystem unbeatable. When was the last time we had international conglomerates falling over themselves with weekly announcements that they are investing in Edmonton? Love it! We have to appreciate this for what it is and SELL the heck out of the region.
Is there a single site under construction yet? It would be great to have a list of projects, size and output projected and track the status of where they are in terms of development.

Air Products Canada $1.3 BILLION

Suncor / ATCO $TBA, 300,000 Tones

And do these new GREEN HYDROGEN plants pose a threat to Alberta's plans for blue hydrogen?
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Is there a single site under construction yet? It would be great to have a list of projects, size and output projected and track the status of where they are in terms of development.
Green and blue labels are more confusing than anything. Some blue projects are more friendly than green. Basically, look at the individual project to determine economics and environmental impact.
i support nuclear technology and the research to develop micro reactors that fuel airplanes, vehicles and spacecraft and anything mobile.