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Reference ID:Job No 495248167-002
Description:To use a few offices for bedrooms for town-of-town patients who need short term stays in Edmonton for day treatments in this facility
Location:9807 - 106 STREET NW
Plan NB Blk 5 Lots 31-32
Status:Intake Review
Create Date:2023-12-28T10:24:06Z
I still love that site for an apartment conversion with a mid-rise on the parking lot.


10432 Jasper Avenue​

Edmonton, Alberta Canada​

Building Size:5,326 SF

This is a rare and unique opportunity to acquire a character building along Jasper Avenue in Edmonton's downtown core through a judicial sale. The two-story predominantly concrete building is known for being one of the skinniest commercial buildings in the city. The main floor and basement have been used as trendy restaurants, while the second floor is built out as professional offices.

Featuring ample natural light and views of Beaver Hills House Park, the property is suitable for owner/users, investors, or developers. The location is minutes away from Edmonton's Ice District, Roger's Place, and 104th Street. The immediate area is a vibrant and dense residential node with a mix of restaurants, bars, cafes, retail stores, outdoor markets, and summer events.

The total space available is 5,326 SF. For more details or inquiries, contact the listing agents.

(They're asking $1.55m)
Wonder what a new owners vision would be for this? The current layout is as good as it gets (main floor + basement designed for restaurants) so wondering what kind of opportunities this building would offer.
It's fully kitted out on the main floor and basement for turnkey restaurant/bar. Second floor office. For the right owner.

From what I understand they will need to lower the price for it to sell, only worth about half that.
Price sounds fair to me... restaurant development is very pricey these days; in this SoCal market I have not done one in the past five years that is less than $2 million USD for construction build-out alone.
Had a great evening grabbing a few items from The Helm tonight (what a beautiful store!), then visiting Bianco and finishing in ice district at the rink as the skills comp wrapped up.

Fresh snow was beautiful. Lots of families around thanks to skills comp crowd. 1 VLSE shelter had a few drug users cramped in it sadly. Streets were relatively clean. Traffic felt appropriate for a downtown with some life.

Oilers will hopefully keep things lively if they have a good playoff run again! Thankful they turned it around.

It’d be fascinating to know how much life and financial sustainability the oilers games bring to downtown. I’d imagine it keeps a dozen or more places afloat.
Was Downtown Sat for the Oilers game with a buddy from Canmore.

He was impressed by Campio and ICE District, but asked about 'all of the empty lots in Downtown' that we overlooked at the Coast. Thankfully a chunk of those will be the park, but many spots to still fill.
It is a fair comment about those empty lots, after all The Coast has a "good" view of them. They have been mostly empty since Healy Ford closed, around 30 years ago or so and some even longer.

There have been some development proposals that have come and gone for some of this space - Lamb's Jasper House is the one that comes to mind for me.

If the park is done well, it will be a great way to fill much of this space that sadly no one seems interested in filling, so if the visitor come back in several years hopefully the area will give a better impression.

Of course, the visitor from Canmore may also not realize all the other empty lots downtown that have been filled over that time period, which hopefully was mentioned to them. So it is not all glass empty.