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Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

we kwen to win
It could be harder, for sure, but it'll be a challenge for a lot of people, still, especially immigrants who are already struggling to learn one language (English). I do think that, since they want to honour the First Nations and their claim on the land, they could've chosen something like paying homage to an illustrious leader, someone engaged on the social movements led by indigenous peoples, though.
most people can say Saskatchewan and Wetaskiwin
Dude, seriously, I know so many people who struggle to say these that it's no even funny (I mean, it is a little funny). But in all seriousness, it's not a super hard name for most people who grew up, or have already been accustomed to some words/names in Canada (in the prairies, particularly). It'll take time to catch on, though, especially with so many things referencing Oliver in the area, from businesses to buildings.

I have currently started to look for a new place (Summerside is driving me crazy + my landlords are crappy), and I am focusing my search on that area. I genuinely think that at least 1 out of 3 buildings has Oliver in the name.
I feel like painted lanes are just seasonal here at this point. That’s why we need real infrastructure.

My bigger beef is clearing SUPs. They get a lot worse than bike lanes due to walking in the winter. The way the snow packs is brutal vs bike lanes, yet we wait 4-5 days to clear SUPs and do bike lanes immediately. With so many SUPs making up our bike path grid, this needs to change.
This has definitely been frustating over the last few weeks, especially with the two decent dumps of snow we got. It took at least 3+ days (more than a week for the first one) for majority of the MUPs out of my area to even get touched. Meanwhile most people had their walks shovelled within 24ish hours, the MUPs were all pretty much unrideable due to the loose snow... after a very frustrating ride this Monday, just to the train station (~15ish mins), I ended up just taking transit the next day. It was way worse riding than the week of deep freeze we got.

At least the paths are nice now, as the brown sugar on most neighborhood streets is an equally as bad a nightmare..


Again, not affiliated with this event, but thought this may of interest to members of the forum!

Nice to see Edmonton receiving some positive attention. Would love to get into a positive feedback loop where positive action from the city lead to recognition and appreciation, which leads to more positive action, which leads to more recognition and appreciation, which leads to…

Not sure about others on here, but I am optimistic about where Edmonton is headed!