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Churchill Square

New sculptures installed in the last week or so. Northeast corner oh the square.
Are they permanent or there until the removal of grass and placement of 'deck' in that area?
I'll await a summer shot to wow me before further comments... but it's not particularly, er, um, anything really.

Are they still putting the daycare playground on top of rate south raised area nicely in the more or less continuous shade of The Westin?
I have mixed feelings about the former councilor, some good, some not. But it would be quite a step down to rename a major public square after a controversial one term(?) councilor from that of a historic world leader, without whose leadership, we all might be living under a brutal totalitarian government with no respect for human rights.

I do feel there should be more acknowledgement of Decore who I felt was a good mayor and in particular helped to make a dysfunctional council more focused and effective. I had heard in the past he really did not want prominent things named after him and his family seems to want to honor his wishes.
There is the Laurence Decore Lookout on Saskatchewan Drive so there's that.
Tooker Gomberg was an arrogant flake who doesn't even deserve to have a ghetto flophouse named after him.
I agree with @JNO1 - unless Sir Winston turned out to be a racist heroin-addicted child rapist, let Churchill Square be.
Well we could flood the bike lanes next to the valley line LRT during the winter and name that the Gomberg memorial downtown skating path. 🙃🤪

Awe I thought my Decore suggestion would have evoked memories of the old pun, "New York may be the Big Apple, but Edmonton has DE CORE"