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Car-Free Streets

If anyone here is looking for a headache, the Sun wrote an opinion piece on this. The facebook comments on it are exactly what you’d imagine.
The Trans Ed higher ups need to do a medieval walk of shame across the whole lrt line while the great people of this city hurl eggs, tomatoes and piles of their shit at them. Then and only then will I consider forgiving them for the ridiculous delays.
After the LRT line opens (not a joke). TransEd needs to give the whole route back to the City :(
I'm pretty sure I recall someone from administration saying that the road could actually re-open by June 30, during the meeting where the summer pilot got approved (but they were saying that about the road as it was planned to be, before the pilot was approved). I'll try and dig it up.
Probably should close it all for another year or two to redo the cross-section so that it is optimized since we changed our minds at the 11th hour after a decade of consultation, design charrettes and best-practices.

It's already been five years, so another two won't even be noticed. While we are at it, let's add some granite bollards to really help define the edges.
With masonry blades and precision saw cuts it would probably be less expensive to replace the bricks -- it wouldn't be the most costly mistake the City has made over the years. In my Proposal Layout, I am going to make the switch. Even if it goes back to vehicular path, the switch would still make sense if we are talking about alley access.