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Alex Decoteau Park

@archited No, I missed that somehow! Looks pretty cool.

(Closeup detail of Esprit - rendering by Pierre Poussin)


(Scale Rendering - Esprit by Pierre Poussin)

Soaring 15 feet above the new Alexander Decoteau Park, Canadian artist Pierre Poussin’s sculpture, Esprit, will celebrate Decoteau’s spirit and legacy.


Poussin’s art practice is informed by his early scientific studies – he originally aspired to be a biochemist before the art world beckoned. “I have a great fondness for the natural world and the intricacies and patterns that make up our shared Earth, such as molecules, invisible to our naked eye. Naturally, my art touches upon many themes in nature, science, and a larger theme of making the invisible visible - the powerful forces that we are part of.”

Esprit draws strongly upon these mandates and is intended to “live” within the park rather than simply decorate. “My hope is that Esprit can be a reference point for the downtown community. As a sculpture that honours and pays homage to Alex Decoteau, I of course, hope that the sculpture can raise awareness of this important figure in Canadian history, and I hope that this awareness contributes to the greater discussions being had around Indigenous rights, and Indigenous stories. Lastly, a sculpture being a sculpture, I hope Espritlivens up a strangers’ day, and allows a brief reprise of beauty”.
"Esprit" -- really captures the flowing expression of the sculpture -- I really like it!
Reference ID: Job No 245534752-001
Description: To install a Freestanding On-premises Sign (Alex Decoteau Park)
Location: 10204 - 105 STREET NW
Plan B2 Blk 5 Lots 178-182
Status: In Development Review
Create Date: 4/12/2017 11:09:32 AM
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN
Wow in the second picture you can see an old streetlight that has a brand new sidewalk built around it? That seems crazy...
Alex Decoteau Park Opening
By Chris Buyze · July 25, 2017 at 12:08pm


Alex Decoteau Park is nearing completion, our first Downtown park in decades! While the signs are now down, fresh sod has been laid that needs a few weeks to settle and take root.

We would like to invite you to experience the new park at our Annual CornFest this year on September 9! Details to come soon.

In addition, please mark your calendars for the formal Dedication Ceremony on September 16.

Until then the park will remain an active construction site and we would appreciate your help in staying off the grass.