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Alberta Legislature


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A thread for photos of the Alberta Legislature building and grounds.

Let me start off with a few of mine:










Those fountains are so cool. The old long term fountain plan was really cool - not sure when it will ever get implemented now. The reflecting pool was to become zero barrier entry. The dome fountain would stay as is. The brutalist fountain was to be replaced by an enhanced topographic map, with oversized rivers and lakes where water flowed down them. Still pretty cool (not as cool as the brutalist fountains but what can you do, they aren't really safe or easy to maintain).

A big problem with the reflecting pool and the brutalist fountain is they weren't designed for wading, and AHS requires the water to be treated. The treatment eats at the concrete because the concrete wasn't spec'd for the treatment back in the day. So they will need to be replaced. Frankly, when the reflecting pool failed in what was it, 2012? it should have been replaced then.
So many people out and about at the Ledge while I was there tonight, around 5:30 pm this lovely evening. Not that I captured many of them on camera.
It sort of goes like this for me:
Len's cap, opp's, OK, power button, now make sure your on auto, OK all good,... opp's Camera's backwards and upside down, but that is OK as there is always auto correct
I swear Gene Dub walked by holding hands with Big Foot or the Yeti or whatever, then there was a (smallish) UFO dive-bombing me just as I was trying to dig my tripod out of the snow bank. Ah, always time for another You Tube tutorial on the finer points of photography! But I love it all ( :

Leg grounds 2018-12-29 029.JPG
Leg grounds 2018-12-29 029.JPGLeg grounds 2018-12-29 034.JPGLeg grounds 2018-12-29 033.JPGLeg grounds 2018-12-29 046.JPG
Love the brutalist fountains. I wonder when the replacement scheme will come to pass. The reflecting pool and the brutalists ones need to be replaced.
I’ll just leave what I wrote about the grounds elsewhere, here; “The Legislative Grounds projects the hallmarks of Brutalist design many people despise: harsh edges, exposed concrete, dark uninviting corridors, monolithic scale. Yet somehow McIntosh, Workun & Chernko Architect’s work has become revered by generations of Edmontonians. Its picturesque setting and family-friendly nature have made the grounds one of the most successful case studies of landscaping design in Edmonton.”

I honestly hope they just replicate the existing design. Use more barefoot-friendly materials maybe, but it's one of the busiest spots in the city for a reason, and I sincerely hope they don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Also, as one of Alberta's best examples of the Brutalist style it would be a crying shame to see it ruined.

Legislative Grounds 7.jpg

Legislative Grounds 12.jpg

Legislative Grounds 9.jpg

Legislative Grounds 15.jpg


"One day the grain elevator as we know it may disappear from the rural horizon. So we've cast them in stone."
- Architect John McIntosh, describing his project in an 1982 issue of the Alberta Report.
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