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Nov 25, 2017
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Hello Everybody,

I thought at it would be useful to make a section here where people who make YouTube videos related to urban planning and developments can make announcements and reminders on when they post a new video. This section would also totally be open to people who have only posted their first video and for people who post on other platforms, such as Vimeo :).

To start off, I posted a video today about my thoughts and analysis on the New Horizon Mall in Calgary for my new series called DEV REVIEW:
Hey all,

I just posted a new video on my channel giving my thoughts on the Manchester Square development, and well... I definitely had some things to say about it.

New video about my thoughts on the topic of Market Saturation and some of it's real effects.
Halo! I have just uploaded a new vid on, well, our greatest nemesis on this website... THE NIMBYS (oooooooh)

Awesome job. Looking forward to the next Dev review also. I have a feeling you just might help reduce Nimby'ism going forward. Progress ism.
After almost 2 years... I'm coming back baby:

Like I say in this video, I'll be coming back with a bigger production in the net week where I address my absence, but in the meantime I made this! Hope you guys like it.
From the U.S. Energy Information Administration...

U.S. petroleum net imports in 2019 were the lowest since 1954​

Net imports (gross imports minus gross exports) of petroleum relative to petroleum consumption is one measure of the use of imports to help meet petroleum demand. After generally increasing every year from 1954 through 2005, U.S. total gross and net petroleum imports peaked in 2005. Even though consumption and imports have increased slightly in recent years, increases in domestic petroleum production and increases in petroleum exports have helped to reduce total annual petroleum net imports every year since 2005. In 2019, petroleum net imports averaged about 0.6 MMb/d, the equivalent of 3% of total U.S. petroleum consumption. This was down from the record share of 60% in 2005 and the lowest percentage since 1957.

From that perspective it is reasonable to conclude that Pres. Biden will not veer from his stance -- in fact one of his Executive Orders has already led to the cancellation of the XL pipeline. His tele-meeting tomorrow with P.M. Trudeau will result in this ill-conceived project finally biting the dust once and for all. A more productive discussion between the two men would revolve around the hydrogen economy and its potential in Alberta. Alberta has two resources that could make it the world leader here -- Natural Gas and Fresh Water. Natural Gas is the inducer that gets the Hydrogen economy going; so-called "blue hydrogen" generated from natural gas with carbon-capture production techniques would -- if invested heavily enough -- set Alberta up as the world's premier producer, sustained in later stages by the production of "green hydrogen" using large northern caches of fresh water as an initiating resource. If AB has $6 billion to invest it would be more wisely spent in two things vis-a-vis energy -- in situ refinement of the crude oil it wishes to export (coupled with carbon capture) and, more significantly, as catalyst for the development of a hydrogen economy.