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Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

149 crossing is pretty much closed now. can't get north of the YH now.
Disagree. SB YH traffic is arguably heavier in comparison. Especially with Costco being on that corner. Id still consider 149st open. Especially if you can turn sb from wb YH and vice versa.
I think there's room to turn St. Albert Trail into a DDI if you put the multiuse path between the two directions. The main problem is they want the collector distributor lanes going straight through. I haven't seen any DDIs design with straight through movements for the ramps yet. There is an easy remedy -- the way the ramps from the C/D lanes and from 127 St are already proposed, those who want to travel between 127 St and the C/D lanes west of St Albert Trail can use the main Yellowhead Trail lanes. There are four lanes in each direction under St Albert Trail so it shouldn't be a problem.
A couple of pics of Fort Road:
City selects contract manager for cornerstone project of the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion​

October 31, 2022

The City of Edmonton has chosen PCL Construction as its partner to deliver the St. Albert Trail to 97 Street project, which is considered the most technically complex project of the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion. The City and PCL will work collaboratively throughout both design and construction. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 and is anticipated to extend to the end of 2027.

“We’re excited to reach this important milestone and move forward with this stage of the project,” said Kris Lima, Director of the Yellowhead Trail Portfolio. “This next step gets us closer to our goal of improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of a critical transportation corridor. The Yellowhead Trail Conversion will help support our city’s growth into an economically prosperous city that can support two million people in the coming decades.”

“PCL is excited to partner and collaborate with the City of Edmonton for the delivery of the St. Albert Trail to 97 Street project”, said Jason Portas, Vice President and District Manager of PCL Construction Management Inc. “With a successful and lasting local presence in the Edmonton region, PCL is proud to build essential infrastructure for our communities, where we live, work and play. We will complete this project safely and efficiently, helping the City of Edmonton in their goal to connect people and goods effectively along the corridor for years to come.”

Key features of the St. Albert Trail to 97 Street project include:
  • Removing the traffic signals at Yellowhead Trail and 127 Street, 124 Street, 121 Street and 107 Street.
  • Constructing new interchanges at 127 Street and 115 Street.
  • Introducing new service roads to manage traffic flow into residential and business neighborhoods in the west part of the project area.
  • Realigning and straightening Yellowhead Trail to remove the curve between 121 Street and 107 Street. This will accommodate plans for a future LRT bridge.

The concept plan for St. Albert Trail to 97 Street was completed in spring 2021. Design is underway and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023. Additional engagement opportunities on the design are planned for early 2023.

The Yellowhead Trail corridor will change from an expressway with signalized intersections and access locations to a free-flowing freeway with interchanges with six core lanes and a target operating speed of 80 km/hr.​

For more information:

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Verity Higgins
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Nice to see PCL at the helm of this stretch.
(Probably) unpopular opinion: when the Yellowhead becomes a full freeway, the right-most lanes on YHT at the existing Fort Road interchange should become egress lanes and the ingress ramps should become free-flow onto YHT instead of merging. That would leave two through-lanes per direction on YHT under the Fort Road overpass.

As it stands, the current merging setup is RIDICULOUSLY dangerous, and going from Fort Road to "merge" onto eastbound YHT, you have to yield to 70 km/h traffic. It's gonna be catastrophic to have almost a hundred thousand vehicles per day travelling at 80+ km/h with the current merging setup. Even exiting the highway feels dangerous with how short the ramps are, but I'm mainly worried about the merge. I bet my life savings we'll see so many accidents there, or really bad traffic jams from slow merges and sudden braking.
Just need more yield signage on the Fort Road merge onto Yellowhead EB since they are practically invisible.
I'm hearing that the section from 107st to 127 is going to be elevated on a berm, with cross-streets passing below at grade. trying to avoid sinking too low into the ground and exacerbating drainage infra costs. 300M long, very tall, wall-esque freeway structure instead of the at-grade intersections and freeway shown in renders.