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Winter Olympics

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From the National Post...
Canada's women's hockey team kicked off their Winter Games with a 12-1 win over Switzerland and it sounds like Blayre Turnbull — who posted five points — and Sarah Fillier are two names we should etch in our memory banks for the days and years ahead.
From the National Post...
Patrick Smith / Getty Images
Canadian Max Parrot, left, reacts after winning gold in the men's snowboard slopestyle at Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou, China. Teammate Mark McMorris won bronze.
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Something looked a little different about the player equipment when Canada's women's hockey team played Russia — sorry, Russian Olympic Committee — at the Beijing Games. Players, and officials, were all wearing KN95 masks when they finally took to the ice more than an hour later than scheduled. Rob Longley was eventually able to determine what was going on after speaking with ... the Russians. Oh, and Canada won 6-1.
From the Post...
Anthony Wallace / AFP via Getty Images
The Winter Games are held every four years, and it's no coincidence that every four years a debate breaks out over whether women's hockey should be included. Why? Because the two best teams in the world are, almost always, Canada and the United States. There's just not enough competition, goes the argument. Last night's game between the two teams should act as argument enough in favour of the women's game. Take it from Scott Stinson. He was there. "These games shouldn’t be scrapped because no one else can reach their level. They should stand as something to which other countries can aspire."
From the Post...
Messing is like plenty of other athletes at these Games, those who started competing for one country before changing to another. Jake Chelios, son of NHL great Chris, is another example. He is lining up for China's men's hockey team. Ken Warren takes a look at some of the athletes who have changed sides, and the controversy that can ensue, as with California-born freestyle skier Eileen Gu, who opted to compete for China.