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William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation

hawrelak park construction puts hundreds of trees at risk of being damaged or cut down

Construction continues at William Hawrelak Park on April 24, 2023, after the roadway was removed. Nearly 750 trees are at risk as the city works to upgrade the park. An estimated 112 trees will be removed while the others are supposed to be protected. PHOTO BY SHAUGHN BUTTS /Postmedia
Edmonton’s William Hawrelak Park renovations proceed without changes.

BP for the Amphitheatre:

310, 9330 - GROAT ROAD NW
Commercial Final
Hawrelak Park Amphitheater Building. To construct exterior alteration and interior alteration to an existing amphitheater. Includes changes to exterior seating, increase in stage area and barrier free access.
The designs may be "wonderful but they are horribly cold and uninviting for the user. The main pavilion will never have a nice restaurant based on the buildings bones and the washrooms are a monument to largesse spending. But the city keeps them open from 9 AM to 9 pm in summer and 9 am to sunset in winter. A bunch of parks Canada outhouses would work so much better and cheaper. And put some food trucks around a white tent with a fire in the middle would be way more friendly then the current set up,
Nice to see the redesign of the pavilions will update the interiors and make them more accessible. The upgraded kitchen will probably not make it conducive to a large restaurant operator though.