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We Need To Do Things Better


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Jul 20, 2020
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Edmonton, Alberta
What kind of country doesn't provide safe streets and public spaces for women? What kind of country allows children to be buried in unmarked graves over the course of 100 years or more and then expresses shock and dismay when what we should have known becomes public? What kind of country allows foreign students to be stabbed on our transit systems? What kind of country allows families to be run down in broad daylight? What kind of country can't provide clean drinking water and education and health care to large numbers of its citizens. What kind of country allows swastikas to be graffities on to mosques and synagogues? What kind of country allows the flying of Confederate and Nazi flags?

I like to think I am an educated and informed and caring person but I feel more and more adrift not so much because I am changing but because of an ever-increasing awareness of the on-going failure of those we elect and charge to protect us - to protect all of us - and to care more about their responsibilities than their being reelected. I used to think we were long past the attitudes that led to Chinese head taxes, that refused entry to Jewish immigrants on the MS St. Louis and sent them back to die in concentration camps, that established internment camps for Japanese Canadians... I don't consider myself to be willfully blind or ignorant but it appears that I was and that it may still be the case. And that makes me angry as well as sad and disappointed. We all deserve better and I don't know how to deliver that.

Muslim women call for increased protection following latest Alberta attack | CBC News

Muslim women call for increased protection following latest Alberta attack | CBC News
Islamaphobia is a huge issue, racism in general. We as a society need to be a better job of educating and understanding other cultures. I am incredibly lucky not to have to deal with any sexism, racism, homophobia etc. as a white cis-het man. I feel like I said earlier the source of these issues is a lack of understanding among those who have these types of prejudices caused by parents have a similar lack of education and right wing media like Fox News and others who severely mislead these people towards hatred. As with most things proper education is the key. It's incredibly hard to change minds as people usually only hear what they want to, but really driving ideals of diversity and inclusion into peoples skulls is the only way to do it. It might be uncomfortable at times and emotions might run high but it's time we had a reckoning in this world and I think now a lot of people myself included are waking up and beginning to grapple with the problems that we have.
City is looking for people to serve on various civic boards including The Edmonton Design Committee. Seems like some people on this forum might be a good fit and much needed.
Deadline to apply is Jan. 16.

The Edmonton Design Committee reviews and provides recommendations to applicants and the City regarding development applications.

3 Positions Available
1 - Architect Member
1 - Public Member
1 - Post Secondary Faculty Member

2022-2023 Term
Recruitment Profile

To Apply

How do I apply?
For More Information
Civic Agencies Coordinator
Office of the City Clerk
300, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

Telephone 780-442-4395
Fax 780-496-8175
Wasn't sure where to put this.

Coun. Janz to make motion to direct city to up its game on excessive vehicle noise.

“I don’t even like going to patios anymore because I can’t hear anything,” Janz said. “I want to throw everything we can at this problem. We’re trying to build a liveable city for people of all ages.”

This is good.

Relaunched grant program to help immigrants and refugees settle in Edmonton​

June 23, 2022

For many immigrants and refugees, the barriers to full inclusion in the community are often significant and tend to be complex and almost always systemic. That is why the City of Edmonton is relaunching the Emerging Immigrant and Refugee Communities (EIRC) Grant Program in an effort to help newcomers overcome those barriers.

This program provides funding to Edmonton-based immigrant or refugee community organizations supporting community members in their initial stages of settling or integrating. Organizations must be a registered not-for-profit under any of the provincial or federal acts for at least one year.

A review of the program was completed in 2020 to better meet the needs of the community, and address shifting priorities and City outcomes.

Updates to the EIRC Grant Program include:
  • An increased emphasis on community development within ethnocultural communities.
  • Improvements to the application and reporting processes.
  • A reset of the funding opportunities to follow a developmental path:
  • Seed grants (up to $2,000), community impact ($2,001 up to $5,000) and community special project grants (from $5,001 to $25,000).
  • These new grant streams are in addition to the ongoing Space Rental Subsidy Grant.
  • The provision of support for any Edmonton-based immigrant or refugee “grassroots” organizations through a newly established Ethnocultural Capacity Building Collaborative, in partnership with the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. The Collaborative intends to offer support in areas such as:
  • Governance and volunteer leadership development
  • Financial management and grant applications
  • Program planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Fiscal agent support, and more

This grant program contributes to the City’s goal of being more welcoming, equitable and inclusive to all Edmontonians, while also supporting grassroots immigrant and refugee communities who are in the process of settling and integrating.

Visit for more information on grants, program eligibility and the application process.​

Media contact:
Francis Asuncion
Communications Advisor
Communications and Engagement