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(Unrelated to Edmonton) - Chill Lofi Video I made


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Sep 29, 2019
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What's happening homies. I thought I'd share here a first video I made in Adobe Premiere using my drone. I plan on making more of these chill and therapeutic videos with the footage I've collected on a recent 30 day road trip through the States and hope to continue making more as time goes on. It's not the type of channel that's gonna get a million subcribers (or even 100), but I like to share the mellow vibes and thought it'd be a nice creative outlet.

This is an unnamed, unmarked, possibly unidentified 500ish meter tall Waterfall I discovered bushwhacking deep into the mountains between Blue River and....possibly Cadomin (as the crow flies) a few days back. It's not categorized on Wiki, but if it were, it would be conservatively the 5th tallest waterfall in BC. I couldn't make it to the glacier as the drone has a 500 meter altitude limit. Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy, and I hope I caught ya sitting down to your first cup of coffee. :cool: