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U of A Humanities Closed for Winter after fire

I took a couple classes in that building, it definitely needed a sprucing up,. I wonder if they would do a complete gutting of the building and a renewal or levelling the building and constructing a brand new building?
Death knell?

I really like that building and have fond memories, but suspect this will force their hand.
Agreed. I've been suspecting they want this site for the new Faculty of Business building but I imagine they wanted to stretch a few more years out of Humanities while they sort out funding/grants/budget.
Well it may fall into the demolition by neglect strategy, which is certainly not unheard of Edmonton. More a private thing until now, but not surprising if the University eventually figured it out too.

They may claim tight budgets let to cut backs in maintenance, which would be hard to dispute and probably no one would have been dumb enough to state this strategy outright or put it it writing.
They've closed down not just Humanities, but the entire pedway between the Business Atrium and HUB Mall, which means I need to walk outside way more to get between classes (not the most fun in our current weather conditions). Anyone know why they did that? Seemed like it was just Humanities and not HUB that was damaged, so why did they close a pedway that isn't even attached to it?