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This a new one?

Really excited for where this will all be in 5 years.

It's still insane to me this has more than 1000 units, literally 1.5-2k people possibly living in downtown because of this development alone. I'm honestly hoping this is a full success and they replicate this again somewhere else in the core.
Stadium area, Coliseum area, Belvedere area, Clareview area, Quarters area, Strathern area, Bonnie Doon area, Century Park area.

Put station and high density to, 95st and LRT area should have a new station and exhibition lands new station and development.
Beautiful! Capital Boulevard has been begging for that degree of street level interaction since they redid it a decade ago.
Is it common for buildings to be topped out before the cladding is started to be added or could there be some sort of issue they are running into with what they were planning on going with (functional, aesthetic, or supply issue)? It was a lot of months ago now that the first small section of likely test pieces were put up.