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Taken: March 22, 2024
How is the final height measured and by who? The final as built drawings will state a measurement - but is there any other method used?
I mean you didn't hear this from Ol' Steve-O but I'm sure if you were curious you could get some empirical measurements using a drone.

Or just email their sales peeps and ask.
Think it might be topped out. Looks like they’re working on a mechanical suite rather than another full floor slab

IMO there's 99% chance this "dip" between downtown and Wihwentowin will explode in the next decade with Warehouse Park coming in and this project!
I'm excited as anyone else about the influx of people coming here. More people = higher demand for big city amenities and a lot of the people coming here will be expecting/hoping for things they are used to in places like Toronto and Vancouver. BUT I don't expect to see the spillover effect to happen for another couple of years realistically.

It's also important to keep in mind a lot of the people moving here will be young, middle class families that just want to live in a SFH in a quiet neighbourhood far away from the city centre. It's not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind as Edmonton undergoes what arguably could be the most transformative period the city is about to go through this century.