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Southgate Centre Renovations | ?m | ?s | Ivanhoé Cambridge

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The reno will be beautiful but I remain so disappointed that Nordstrom never took the former Woodward's/Eaton's/Sears space. It would have been great to have a full-price, full-line Nordstrom department store in Edmonton alongside locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto. Too many shopping centres have essentially the same combination of retailers without anything that is truly compelling to draw you to one mall over another.
BP for Sporting Life.

Apr 27, 2022
"Southgate" To construct Interior Alterations (Tenant Fit-up in CRU#940 on level#1 & CRU#990 on level#2) in a existing building. " Sporting Life Store" (No new rooftop units will be a part of this tenant fitout)
Commercial Final
5015 - 111 STREET NW
I’m interested to overall see the new section they’re opening at Southgate.

Sporting Life makes sense—the more expensive active/outdoorsy wear brands like Patagonia, Columbia, Arcteryxx, Northface etc are HUGE right now.
London Drugs is opening in the renovated space sometime in August.
AFAIK the other new tenants are Seven80 and the aforementioned Sporting Life.

Sporting Life is slated to open in October 2022 according to their wikipedia page
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