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Solar Alberta


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Jul 21, 2017
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This one will JUST be for discussion of the burgeoning solar industry in Alberta from new farms to projects, to tech... Here's a great two-part video series from David Dodge over at my favourite YouTube channel based here in Alberta.... Green Energy Futures...
For those of you unfamiliar Travers Solar Project is a $700M 465 MW project that will connect to the Alberta grid in a matter of weeks at this point. 400 MW of that power is already spoken for via PPA (Purchasing Power Agreement) with Amazon for 25 years. Many other similar corporations have invested in Alberta this way to offset their own emissions while helping to backdoor finance a heck of a lot of power. In fact enough to run several Red Deers and that's just what's been announced approved and under construction... So far! Travers Solar Project
If you're down and nerdy like me? This current market demand chart shows exactly where each MW of power in Alberta is sourced from at any given time... I read this one for fun some days just to get a good sense of the weather in other cities and regions in a unique way... Solar and wind output reports... Market Report