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Skyscraper Museum in NYC: Virtual Exhibitions available to view until their October 2020 reopening.


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Oct 2, 2017
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Here are several links to what the Skyscraper Museum website offers. Since they are located in New York, that's their primary focus. However, they deal with global structures as well. The site is top notch. I'd recommend viewing SuperTall 2020 first since that one is only temporarily available online until their reopening. Please enjoy!! Give me your thoughts....

Main Page

SuperTall 2020 (available to view until at least Oct 2020)
Around sixty of the worlds tallest buildings are featured

History of Height ( Permanent exhibition)
An interactive chart of structures throughout history. Click on text and image credits on the upper left hand of the screen to read about them. The pictures are supposed to be clickable but that feature isn't working at present. They are working on a fix.

Skyline: New York Skyline over time (Permanent Exhibition)
Cool to see the changes to New York's skyline over time.

Housing Density From Tenements to Tower (Current Exhibition)
All about Density . ( an interesting and very professional, free, 77 page PDF you can download of the exhibition)

Ten and Taller:1874-1900 Manhattan
Online Project. Wonderful interactive map , Photos , Videos.. of New York buildings 10 stories and taller in the above time period.

New York's Super Slenders
About New York's super slim luxury residential towers. Photos , Diagrams, Facts and a lot more.

Online Archive of the Museums Exhibitions, Programs, Videos , Lectures
It's just crazy what they offer on their site.

and a whole lot more...................
A disappointingly tiny museum shoehorned into an awkward garbage space that seems like a discarded H&M location than a proper space dedicated to the most important modern art genre in a city where it rules the roost. Talk about anti-climactic. Having said that the content PSI is fantastic as is the gift shop, news stand and staff! They deserve a huge space with large dioramas and displays but alas they obviously don't have much in the way of corporate donors which again is surprising considering the city and money that flows through it!