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Provincial Budget 2019


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"The government will axe a city charters deal with Edmonton and Calgary and delay funding for LRT projects in those cities. A new hospital for south Edmonton will also be pushed back four years, with a revised opening date of 2030.

As the Alberta government dispenses with the former government’s Climate Leadership Plan and carbon tax, the environment ministry’s climate change office will no longer exist. The budget projects a nearly 10 per cent reduction in environment ministry spending over four years, including less money for parks, emissions management and fish and wildlife."

Wait until they agree to 0% freezes to all the wages of the public sector and claim that they are actually good guys and wouldn't roll back wages to hard working Albertans. Calling it now. It is like buying something on Kijiji. You always offer 20% less than what you are willing to pay.

One could write a book called "A politicians playbook for dummies: the first and only edition because nothing will ever change in politics".
Anyone wanna actually fess up and say they voted for these despicable cretans? NO? OK THEN...
I'm a just leave this here... of,projected to reach $99.6 billion.

Again for the record, not opposed to debt spending... in theory. I just want to see where the money is going. And at this rate? I'm not convinced... Much like the City of Edmonton and its $550M consultant problem... All that $$ and for what? A few disregarded studies and more fodder for bickering and the status quo...
I'm not sure that consultants are a problem, as it's not quite as black and white as people believe. In many cases it's cheaper and more effective to hire outside consultants than employ people on staff. Not saying it's the case here as I'm not knowledgeable in the inner workings of these departments. We should just be careful in advocating for a solution/change that could potentially be more costly, and less effective.
Sounds like someone works "in the industry" as suckles at its very teet!
I know I did! And it's horrible! I was paid $15/hour and the company I worked for billed the province at $135... You do the math... And this is repeated thousands of times across the province...