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Next stop, Churchill station — in Smoky Lake County


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

If an LRT stop appears in the forest, but no one is around to take the train, does it mean it’s always running on time?

Somehow, a cover for a pedway entrance to the Churchill LRT station has ended up over 100 kilometres downstream on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton resident Tracy Hyatt was out for a Sunday drive on Victoria Trail, just south of Smoky Lake County, when she saw something that stopped her in her tracks.

“I turned around and pulled off to the side of the road, and sure enough, there was a Churchill LRT entranceway,” Hyatt said.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Mystery solved: Churchill Square LRT entrance in the woods destined to be a greenhouse
It looks like Edmonton’s LRT service won’t be running out to Smoky Lake County after all.

Following the discovery of a glass entranceway to the Churchill LRT station on a rural, wooded lot on Victoria Trail over 100 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, several family members of the property’s owner got in touch with Postmedia.

According to his relations, the owner has a company that did some demolition for the City of Edmonton during updates to the downtown LRT infrastructure. He hauled the glass entranceway out to his rural property, where he plans to turn it into a greenhouse.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)