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Municipal Politics

I don't see anywhere in the news release over what period of time that 7.25% increase is over. If I recall, the period being discussed was over 4 to 5 years.

But perhaps it doesn't sound so good, when it works out to less than 2% per year, when inflation has been around 3% or higher recently.
It is indeed a five year offer.
^ Done purposely to mislead. This is pure garbage by the City of Edmonton and those working in CSU52 deserve better than these negotiations tactics by the City.
City should just consider privitizing these jobs to avoid these excessive salaries that unions command. Would be nice to lower costs associated with these services when possible.
As a FYI, here is the EPCOR wage increases :

Appendix I, IA & IBCSU52 Wage Summary Effective Dates:
December 20, 2020 to December 14,
20242021 – 1.00%
2022 – 1.50%
2023 – 2.75%
2024 – 3.15

%$500 bonus on successful ratification for A-Stream and SC-A Stream employees Wages are retroactive and all other terms and conditions are effective on date of ratification
I mean do they really want the consequences of this?

Because this could essentially mean no centre-right/right wing governance in Edmonton for the next 10-20 years if they pull this. Calgary's iffy and more up in the air, but in Edmonton? They're essentially making sure future/current councillors align either with them or against them. and aligning with them brazenly and openly is bad political moves.

Then again, the UCP has been doing a lot of things that are counter-intuitive to their long term prospects in general (losing Edmonton for a generation, instituting Alberta is Calling further changing the demographics of the province that's detrimental to them 10-20 years from now)
Budget is out...absolutely ZERO funding attached to the word "Edmonton"

I'm confused why YYC is getting a $90M courthouse when they just got a $350M 10 years ago
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A compare and contrast of Alberta's two big city mayors in their reactions to today's budget.

Similar to the Iveson and now Sohi days versus Nenshi and Gondek, views from down south tend to be more critical and heated. Doesn't seem to negatively impact them. And some like to label Edmonton council as being too political.

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