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Montreal? Wrong. It's Edmonton

that hope and excitement stayed strong until the national energy program (and 20% interest rates) snuffed it out in the early/mid-80's. :(

there was something more than just hope and excitement however. there was the exhilaration of being able to accomplish just about anything you wanted to set your mind to and there would a host of others ready to support you, not stand in your way. there's still some of that spirit remaining, it's just not as prevalent or as optimistic as it used to be. at that time, there was an expectation that you would be successful while the prevailing sentiment today is almost the opposite - people are surprised when things turn out successfully as if you managed to outsmart the system instead of working in a system that was expected to support you and that expected you to succeed.

there are, however, some things that were being contemplated that we're probably just as happy not to have to deal with today. such as "What other city in Canada, for instance, has an active scheme for building a $220-million freeway system over the next 15 years?"