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I also have inside knowledge of a very large TOD development in the northeast ($1B-plus) that should be released within the next 2 weeks -- caveat: I am always overoptimistic on all things development and the speed with which stakeholders align, so don't crucify me if my timing is off.
@archited Sounds like this could be it ;)

Northlands receives 13 expressions of interest in redevelopment plans
Edmonton, Alberta / 630 CHED - Edmonton Breaking News, Traffic, Weather and Sports Radio Station
Scott Johnston
Posted: June 29, 2016 06:00 am
| Last Updated: June 28, 2016 05:46 pm


Northlands has received national interest for it’s plans to redevelop its 160 acres. Thirteen companies have shown expressions of interest including the same company that re-did the area around Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.

“When you see as many as 13 responses come back that’s exceptionally strong,” said CEO Tim Reid. “They’re quality packages that have come back to us and we think it speaks to the fact there is a desire to see development around Northlands and we think that’s particularly important for north east Edmonton.”

That includes the Trinity Group which is credited with creating an attractive mixed-use development around the CFL home of the Ottawa RedBlacks. “We took in a lot of ways the model we’ve seen in other cities, specifically Lansdowne Park in Ottawa which was everything from town houses that were integrated into build-ups to mid-density and high-density. Our concept is the full spectrum.”

Reid said in an interview that Northlands can offer developers an attractive parcel of land with built in amenities. “The great thing about having a 160 acre site on an LRT line, so close to downtown is that you want to be cautious with how you develop. We want to work with the City of Edmonton but having 13 responses suggests that there is interest in the market.”
Our group had a meeting with Councillor Tony Catarina today -- details to be released real soon!
Edmonton approves shipping container homes for York Hotel site
The site of a notorious former downtown hotel will soon be home to a shipping container housing development.

City council approved the sale Wednesday of the former York Hotel site, in the Boyle Street area, to Engleman Construction Ltd..

The company hopes to create an 18-unit housing project there and the homes, along with commercial space on the site, will be all be made from shipping containers.

Full Story (Metro Edmonton)

Apartment building made of shipping containers coming to Boyle Street
Edmonton councillors approved a new low-rise apartment building in the Boyle Street neighbourhood Wednesday which will use unique construction materials.

"It's not going to look like a regular building, it's made from shipping containers," said Daniel Engelman, president of Engelman construction.

Engelman's company introduced Honomobo, shipping container units reconstructed as modern homes. The Honomobo units have beenmarketed as garage and infill suites.

Now the company is taking their containers to new heights by stacking the containers to create an entire apartment building.

Full Story (CBC Edmonton)

New container housing project welcome in Edmonton's Boyle Street neighbourhood
First garage suites, now an 18-unit apartment block — Edmonton is about to get another taste of container housing.

“We’re going to attract millennials and artists to an up-and-coming neighbourhood,” said builder Daniel Engelman, after councillors approved a funding deal that would give him land in the Boyle Street neighbourhood interest free for 10 years to make his project work.

The mixed-use development would go in across from a small park from Urban Manor, 9524 104 Ave., a supportive housing facility for those at risk of being homeless. It’s beside the former York Hotel site, which city officials hope will eventually host an ambulance bay in another mixed-use development.

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Reference ID: Job No 225373070-001
Description: To change the use from a Professional Financial and Office Support Service to a Restaurant with outside patios; and to construct interior/ exterior alterations and an addition (cantilevers and new 3rd storey)
Location: 10440 - JASPER AVENUE NW
Plan 7823267 Blk 4 Lot 130A
Plan NB Blk 4 Lot 129
Status: New
Create Date: 7/5/2016 3:01:39 PM
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN


The intent of this renovation/addition project is to restore the restaurant usage, introduce a visual identity to the building, and to better engage the Jasper Avenue streetfront and adjacent Beaver Hills House Park.

The basic premise of the design is to connect the building to the park in a more prominent and substantial way. There are a number of strategies proposed to improve this connection, including:
• Enlarging existing windows facing park and street
• Cantilevering second and third storeys over park and street
• Providing at-grade patio and rooftop patio overlooking park

These strategies will activate the edge of the park beyond typical downtown office hours, improving vibrancy of the street and park. The extended use and views to the park will also provide “eyes on the street,” increasing the sense of safety for the surrounding park and sidewalk. An architectural screen featuring glue-laminated vertical members is proposed facing the park. The glued-laminated members are offset from the exterior building wall and positioned at subtly varying angles. In addition to helping the building establish a sense of identity, the screen becomes a permeable backdrop for the east edge of the park.



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