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Misc. Infrastructure Projects


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The funds will also flow to Edmonton, where they will be used to carry out a feasibility study on integrating Low Impact Development and recycled stormwater use into the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP) Stormwater Plan. The EETP offers over 4,800 hectares of development greenfield for general industrial, manufacturing, logistics and related support use.

The study will attempt to solve previous development obstacles by including all stakeholders and community interests. The project goal is to reduce erosion on Horsehills Creek by minimizing stormwater run-off and improve the quality of water entering the North Saskatchewan River south of the site.
Haven't seen anything on this here or from the city, but it looks like this is going in the South Haven cemetery on the East edge of the city?

Anyways, looks like an interesting project and pretty good architecture
Eastglen, Scona and Oliver pools as well as Oliver and Tipton arenas have been recommended for closure, which would save the city $1.4 million in operating expenses this budget cycle as well as an estimated $26.6 million in future renewal costs. The city’s asphalt plant is also on the table for closure.

Why does it feel like the city seems to have boundless amounts of cash to build lavish $100m+ rec centres in the suburbs but can't scrounge together a pittance to keep mature neighbourhoods operating... The mayor talks a big game about densification but it's these sorts of choices that push people to the suburbs.
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The city is soliciting feedback for a new active transportation bridge over Whitemud Drive at 142 Street (near the Terwilligar Interchange):


@RH van der Rohe Welcome to the Forum!

From some cursory searching, it sounds like no dogs or bikes are allowed in Whitemud Ravine as it's considered a wildlife preserve. I'm cool with that, no shortage of other great places to ride.
Yes and allow bikes in Whitemud Ravine.
I kinda get what you're saying here. I've gotten stuck trying to go south from the river towards terwillegar, and there aren't a lot of options. looking at this bridge proposal, if 142 street is connected over Whitemud Drive, a bike lane of some sort north of the freeway could easily run through the neighbourhood, connecting to 142 Street down on the river flat, by the equestrian center. some better signage at each end (so the route is obvious to those of us who are passing through without checking a map beforehand) would help make this path a bit clearer. I've biked to that area fro downtown through the river valley numerous times, it's a lovely route, and doesn't take too long. I wouldn't be surprised if this bridge and better wayfinding help non-car commuters navigate through the area.